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Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Three: It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

So growing up, I was a Girl Scout and every year, we'd approach everyone else's favorite time of the year - Girl Scout Cookie Time - and we were sent to neighbors' doorsteps, local grocery stores, events, and anywhere else a cute little girl could stand outside (and usually freeze) and ask passerbys to give a small donation for some amazingly delicious treats! Although the regulations, structure and types of cookies have changed, the concept hasn't and the idea of giving back is better than ever.

Now I've never been a huge fan of actually eating Girl Scout Cookies. I think a long time ago I convinced myself I didn't like them and have always just stuck to that principle for fear of going on an extreme cookie binge. This year I am trying extra hard to watch what I am eating and didn't even want the cookies around. As I passed by the girls standing outside of Acme, I still wanted to give back to a cause near and dear to my heart. I approached one of the girls and offered a donation and she explained a new idea for donations.

Basically if you see the cute little faces and feel prompted to purchase, but don't want the temptation staring you in the face, you can give a monetary donation (the cost of a box or two) and the girls will use the money to send cookies to soldiers overseas! They do this through a program called, Hugs for Soldiers, which provides a little bit of home to those who are away. I remember when I was studying abroad and some of the simple pleasures from home were all I needed to help me out when I felt homesick. I can't even image how these soldiers feel and how a Thin Mint or Shortbread cookie might help them feel just a little bit better!

So next time you're thinking about purchasing some Girl Scout cookies, ask the Girl Scout if she participates in the program and if so, throw in an extra $3.50 and send a box to a soldier!


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