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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week Two: Salvation Army

Lesson already learned - giving back requires proper planning. Okay, well it requires some planning and not a last minute attempt :)

For week two, it was difficult to find volunteer opportunities happening at that time and I should have looked into it in advance. I found out charities and nonprofits are definitely interested in volunteers, but they need prior notice and sometimes it even requires an application. Due to this, it is now apparent that better planning is necessary to make this project succeed. So better planning is what will be done! :)

January's theme was decided to be "donations," and even though there were a few stumbling blocks, and the "act of goodness" was completed by a donation to the local Salvation Army. I gathered three bags of old clothes, and old TV and a TV stand and dropped it off at the Salvation Army down the street. I felt pretty good about cleaning out my closet and knowing that someone who might be less fortunate will get to use the belongings I no longer need. My stuff now has a second life! I like that.


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